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Our Process


The gratification from harvesting microgreens may not be "instant," but it's pretty darn close! We feel excited at each stage of the process!
All of our seeds, which come from TrueLeaf Market, are non-GMO,  and some of them are also Heirloom varieties (arugula, basil, broccoli, and radish) or organic (spicy mustard seeds). 
We plant and grow in 5”x5” food-grade polypropylene plastic trays (BPA-free & recyclable) and then deliver our microgreens as living plants.



We plant the seeds on top of the soil, give them lots of love and water, then cover the trays for three or four days with a blackout dome (fancy way to say we turn another growing tray upside down on top) to allow the magic to happen (aka germination).

We check the seeds morning and night, waiting for the seed coats to split and tiny sprouts to emerge, which means we're doing our job right. 
DAY 2 or 3
When we see the first root hairs, we get a little thrill! Every. Single. Time. See for yourself how cool they are (picture two above).  
DAY 4 or 5
Once the stems and leaves are one to two inches high, we remove the blackout domes and place the trays under a grow light on our dining room table for 14+ hours a day.  You can't imagine the comments from our neighbors when we first started growing microgreens and the light was on seemingly day and night - or maybe you can (haha)! We heard similar comments about the "homegrowns" part of our name.  And to answer an oft-asked question: No, you can't smoke our greens - or at least you probably shouldn't! 
DAYS 6 & 7
The day the microgreens go under the lights may be the most magical day of all.  Much like a sunrise or sunset, the process of photosynthesis just never gets old!  The leaves start turning green immediately (noticeably different within an hour), and within half a day, they go from bright yellow to bright green!
After a couple days under the light, and another inch or two of growth, they are ready for delivery and/or harvest. 
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