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    Our Process 1/1 FROM PLANTING TO SOWING IN ONE WEEK (ISH) The gratification from harvesting microgreens may not be "instant," but it's pretty darn close! We feel excited at each stage of the process! SEEDS All of our seeds, which come from TrueLeaf Market, are non-GMO, and some of them are also Heirloom varieties (arugula, basil, broccoli, and radish) or organic (spicy mustard seeds). ​ TRAYS W e plant and grow in 5”x5” food-grade polypropylene plastic trays (BPA-free & recyclable) and then deliver our microgreens as living plants. DAY 0 We plant the seeds on top of the soil, give them lots of love and water, then cover the trays for three or four days with a blackout dome (fancy way to say we turn another growing tray upside down on top) to allow the magic to happen (aka germination). DAY 1 We check the seeds morning and night, waiting for the seed coats to split and tiny sprouts to emerge, which means we're doing our job right. DAY 2 or 3 When we see the first root hairs, we get a little thrill! Every. Single. Time. See for yourself how cool they are (picture two above). DAY 4 or 5 Once the stems and leaves are one to two inches high, we remove the blackout domes and place the trays under a grow light on our dining room table for 14+ hours a day. You can't imagine the comments from our neighbors when we first started growing microgreens and the light was on seemingly day and night - or maybe you can (haha)! We heard similar comments about the "homegrowns" part of our name. And to answer an oft-asked question: No, you can't smoke our greens - or at least you probably shouldn't! DAYS 6 & 7 The day the microgreens go under the lights may be the most magical day of all. Much like a sunrise or sunset, the process of photosynthesis just never gets old! The leaves start turning green immediately (noticeably different within an hour), and within half a day, they go from bright yellow to bright green! DAY 8 After a couple days under the light, and another inch or two of growth, they are ready for delivery and/or harvest. ​ ​ ​ ​


    Safety First and Foremost ****************************************************************************************************************************** *********************************************** Update: As of January 21, 2023, Randy and I are not only vaccinated and boosted, bu t we now have natural immunity as well - due to contracting COVID for the first time over Thanksgiving (Jody) and Christmas (Randy). Although we don't wear masks anymore when planting and delivering, we will continue to do so for new customers until you tel l us otherwise. ​ ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Update: As of May 6, 2021, we are fully vaccinated thanks to Walgreens and Pfizer! We will continue to sterilize our trays before planting and wipe them down before delivering. We will also continue to wear masks when handling trays for new customers until you tell us otherwise (i.e., that you are comfortable with us not wearing masks when pl anting and delivering to you). ******************************************************************************************************************************************* 2020: With the risk of COVID-19 continuing to grow, we want to let you know the steps we are taking to address this pandemic in relation to your microgreens. We have always sterilized our trays before we use them , and we will continue to do so, but moving forward, we will make a few changes to our planting and watering regimen by wearing masks and diligently washing our hands before planting, watering, or handling any tray of microgreens. We hope that the care we take in growing and tending to your microgreens gives you peace of mind, as it does us. Although we have no reason to believe that we have been exposed to the coronavirus, with the new White House/CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19, Randy and I will also take extra precautions when delivering your microgreens by wearing a mask when holding the trays and wiping them down with Clorox wipes before leaving them on your porch. We will miss saying hello in person, but if you should hear us making your delivery, you could always say hello through your storm door! ​ Now, more than ever, taking care of ourselves and our health MATTERS. Adding microgreens to our diet helps to boost our immunity with an influx of highly concentrated nutrients that just happen to taste really good! Thank you for your support and p lease stay safe! xo ​


    SERVICES SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE Sign up for our weekly subscription service, and let us custom-grow and deliver living trays of microgreens straight to your door. Once they are cut, they do not regrow, but there may be a small amount of growth from seeds that were slower to germinate. Not sure which greens to order? Click on each variety of microgreen to learn more about its nutritional value, flavor profile, and ways to use it; order a one-time free sample pack; or host a tasting party of your own (see sidebar for more information). ​ ​ ORDER NOW HOST A PARTY HOST A TASTING PARTY If you've never tasted microgreens before and/or you simply enjoy sharing with your friends/coworkers/family/neighbors/UPS driver, etc. (haha) let's arrange a time when we can come to your home or office and show you what they're all about. Taste for yourself the deliciousness known as microgreens! Sample a few stems of each variety to learn how they taste on their own, and then enjoy them in a handful of recipes that we'll prepare for you (e.g., salad, avocado toast, appetizer, pesto, smoothie). Own a business of your own? Let's partner together! Contact us for more information. ATTEND CLASS ATTEND A GROWING PARTY ​ Growing food is FUN! Many types of microgreens can be harvested between 7 to 10 days after planting. We'd love to teach you how simple it is to grow your own greens. All supplies (growing tray, soil, seeds) and written instructions included in the cost of each lesson. Classes to come in fall 2020. ​

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