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Safety First and Foremost


Update:  As of January 21, 2023, Randy and I are not only vaccinated and boosted, but we now have natural immunity as well - due to contracting COVID for the first time over Thanksgiving (Jody) and Christmas (Randy).  Although we don't wear masks anymore when planting and delivering, we will continue to do so for new customers until you tell us otherwise.


Update: As of May 6, 2021, we are fully vaccinated thanks to Walgreens and Pfizer! We will continue to sterilize our trays before planting and wipe them down before delivering.  We will also continue to wear masks when handling trays for new customers until you tell us otherwise (i.e., that you are comfortable with us not wearing masks when planting and delivering to you). 




With the risk of COVID-19 continuing to grow, we want to let you know  the steps we are taking to address this pandemic in relation to your microgreens.  


We have always sterilized our trays before we use them , and we will continue to do so, but moving forward, we will make a few changes to our planting and watering regimen by wearing masks and diligently washing our hands before planting, watering, or handling  any tray of microgreens. We hope that the care we take in growing and tending to your microgreens gives you peace of mind, as it does us. 


Although we have no reason to believe that we have been exposed to the coronavirus, with the new White House/CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19, Randy and I will also take extra precautions when delivering your microgreens by wearing a mask when holding the trays and wiping them down with Clorox wipes before leaving them on your porch. We will miss saying hello in person, but if you should hear us making your delivery, you could always say hello through your storm door!  

Now, more than ever, taking care of ourselves and our health MATTERS. Adding microgreens to our diet helps to boost our immunity with an influx of highly concentrated nutrients that just happen to taste really good!


Thank you for your support and please stay safe! xo


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